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This is the author website for the Pearson Baccalaureate textbooks IB Mathematics Higher Level and IB Mathematics Standard Level  [updated February 2017]

Here you will find materials to support teachers who are using one or both Pearson textbooks with their students.  Full access to this site is available to teachers who have purchased the Pearson Baccalaureate textbooks for either IB Maths HL or IB Maths SL.  In order to gain access to the full site, it is necessary for a teacher to complete a site registration which can be accessed by clicking the Login link just above the menu at the top of this page. This authors' website has been inactive for a few months but recently new errata documents and some relevant teaching materials have been added.

Clicking on the image of the textbooks at right will take you to a Pearson webpage containing thorough information on the latest editions of the IB Mathematics HL and IB Mathematics SL textbooks written by Ibrahim Wazir and Tim Garry and published by Pearson Education Limited (fully revised for each current syllabus).  You can view the table of contents and sample chapters for each textbook, access ordering information, and also try out a demo of the interactive eText that comes with each textbook.

♦ Added (14 Sept 2015):  Student Guide for Exploration SL & HL - go to Internal Assessment page to view it and download it.

♦ Added (12 Sept 2017):  two more Maths HL Tests (Vectors; Descriptive Statistics & General Probability)
new Review Materials section under Teacher Materials

We extend our sincere apologies to teachers who have been waiting for their author's site registration to be completed. We have had some unexpected problems and delays with the website and are now working through the backlog of teacher registrations.       Tim & Ibrahim